Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Orange Ya Glad

Written By: Chantale Raad

When it comes to breakfast, my sweet tooth, without fail, always kicks savory's ass. I'm constantly choosing anything that involves a flood of syrup and choco-banana infusions instead of bacon and eggs (Sorry, guys...I don't understand our nation's bacon obsession). Our friend, Lauren, kept raving about this hidden breakfast spot in Old Town Scottsdale that has not only won awards for their pancakes and french toasts, but is also known for their expensive, top-grade bacon... The best of both worlds. So last Sunday, we made a bee-lined straight to the source on that cozy rainy day only to find this local-infested hidden gem, Orange Table. Painted in, you guessed it, orange, the interior of this restaurant was super vibrant and cozy, with paintings scattered along their walls and plush couches for guests to relax and enjoy their meal. We plopped down on the couches which were situated right next to their impressive display of award plaques, a confirmation that we had selected the perfect brunch spot. 

Mr. Craig Pierson, owner of this fabulous eatery, was kind enough to send us some samples of their signature dishes, starting with their award-winning Banana Foster French Toast which is topped with bananas, pecans and a "spicebox whiskey sauce". I was sold at the first bite. Pascale's savory and spicy tooth was completely satisfied when they brought out their Eggs Benedict with a Chorizo twist. I must admit, I'm kind of a baby when it comes to spicy anything, but it was pretty addicting. And of course, being that bacon is their signature, we got a plate full of it, which may have persuaded me to join the bacon fan club (I think I'm starting to understand the hype). Mr. Pierson is so dedicated to serving high-quality bacon that he said he would be "driving a Cadillac" today if it wasn't for his pricey pork investment. Hats off to you, Sir.

After feasting on the samples this lovely restaurant provided us, our main dishes arrived. I ordered the Menage which gave me a bite of everything such as eggs over-easy, bacon and their banana nut pancake, which was by far the best pancake I've tasted in a long time. Lauren ordered their Veggie Hash, a mosh of veggies, egg whites and potatoes. 

This is definitely a breakfast MUST for those in town. Not only is their menu diverse and unique, their service was incredible. We're already planning my next trip to try their award winning burgers!

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