Thursday, August 22, 2013

Road Trip Munchies

Written By: Chantale Raad

Since my transition to the west side about a year now, I've yet to make it out to Cali...until now! I'm putting those "you totally belong in LA" comments to rest and finally checking out the City of Angels. This weekend, Pascale and I will be cruising the streets of LA and documenting our trip for you guys. But before we hit the road, we loaded up our trusty cooler with some goodies. We skipped out on the empty calories and ditched the usual potato chips and sunflower seeds for some healthier, protein-rich alternatives. Check out what tasty munchies we are hitting the road with.

  1. Our 6am departure would not be the same without our favorite beet-and-orange based breakfast juice, Sporty Spice.
  2. I stalked up on my coconut water, aka my coffee-replacement, and Pascale rallied up her Smart Waters to stay hydrated and energized. Some fresh mint, cucumber and lemon make for a great infusion and add a touch of flavor.
  3. Our center console made for a fabulous mobile dipping bar! Organic mini apples with fresh almond butter from Whole Foods gives us the "good fats" and quality protein we need to keep us going. Baby carrots are perfect for our hummus dip. Don't worry.. Pasky fed me so that I was hands-free.
  4. Powerberry Trek Mix, our sweet fix for the road, includes: concentrated acai, pomegranate, cranberry, lemon, blueberry and elderberry juices covered in dark chocolate. Gotta love Trader Joes!
  5. Mini heirlooms are rich in flavor and lycopene, a cancer preventative. These in-season lovelies are the tastiest. 
  6. Fresh baked hoagies with low-sodium turkey slices and provolone are wrapped in parchment paper to make it easy for us to munch at lunchtime. 

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