Monday, June 3, 2013

RAAD Trend: Bell Sleeve

 photo bellsleeve_zps8589fd24.jpg

RAAD Trend: Bell Sleeve
What it is:  It's a sleeve that is shaped like a bell (obv) and can vary in size and length (see above photo).
Why it's RAAD: It's arm drama at its finest. You can't help but sashay like a diva when you're rocking some serious sleeves like these. There's been a lot of focus on flaring the skirts this season, so it's time to shift your attention to your arms people.
How to wear it: There are 2 good options for this: straight fitted or A-lined bottoms. You can leave the volume in the sleeve, but smooth out the rest of the outfit with a straight pant or skirt. Or keep the flare going all the way to the bottom by tucking your top into some chic bell bottoms or mini A-lined skirt.

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