Thursday, May 16, 2013

The "Mesh" Gala '13

The Met Gala red carpet is by far the most innovative, fashion-forward, anything-goes event of the year. There are no boundaries, no limits, no simplicity. It's style on steroids and I LOVE IT!

This year's theme was Punk, which couldn't have been more relevant for this season. There was leather, cut-outs, thigh-highs, plaid...anything that embodied 70s punk walked down that red carpet. But one trend that made a major appearance: Tulle & Jewels. 

 photo meshgala1_zps0e382c7a.jpg 
RAAD Trend: Tulle & Jewels
What it is: Tulle, mesh or other sheer fabrics that merge with sequins, beading, feathers, or other luxurious textiles.
Why it's RAAD: Punk usually falls under the category of grunge and vulgarity, but the key here is to infuse glam elements. Bead-embellished mesh, black lace cut-outs, sequin paneling. It makes "punk" super current, sophisticated and original.
How to wear it: If you want a hint of punk in your outfit, just add fishnet leggings or tights to a feminine silhouette with a jeweled collar. Or if you want to really rev it up, then opt for a jewel/bead embellished top with some sleek tuxedo pants.

Options are coming your way...stay with me.

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