Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Voila. My leopard + plaid + minor floral concoction. 

Being that I live in the desert-land of Scottsdale, I decided to take this feline look into the wild (otherwise known as my backyard).

We got leopard, plaid, florals, leather, jewels – there's definitely a lot going on. BUT it's all about balancing the color tones when mixing a variety of elements together. I kept the overall tone of my shorts, shoes and accessories pretty neutral so that the prints could make its statement.

If you aren't feeling this print on print action, then you can easily swap out my plaid for a solid color, or just completely eliminate the leopard coat. But a good way to approach this bold trend is to accent your accessories and shoes with these prints first, then move onto the clothing.

Check back tomorrow for some different leopard + plaid options. 

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